HOT BARN REPORT: Friday with Host Karina Jones

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HOT BARN REPORT: Friday with Host Karina Jones

THEE Hot Barn Report!

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Welcome to America’s Hot Barn Report now heard coast to coast and border to border

It is official, we have just confirmed our 12th reporting barn for the big fall run. We now blanket the great Northern beef belt from Motely, Minnesota to Torrington, Wyoming.

The Hot Barn Report is a fast paced and entertaining daily program covering the latest news and trends in the cattle industry, hosted by Monte James, a veteran rodeo announcer, radio host and industry expert! The Hot Barn Report features interviews with industry leaders, market analysts, producers and ranchers and features True Price Discovery from salebarns in Great Northern Beef Belt and across the nation.

Labor Day is a day to celebrate the achievements of the millions of men and women who keep America fed, clothed, and running. Thanks for joining me today on this special Labor Day Weekend edition of the Hot Barn Report!

This year, don’t forget to thank a farmer and rancher.

Less than 2% of the American population shoulders the responsibility of producing food and fiber for our country.

Farming and ranching are certainly not your average 9 to 5 job. It’s sunup to sundown and sometimes all night long. Farming and ranching is a lifetime of commitment to caring for animals or producing a sustainable crop. It’s boots-on-the-ground work, hands in the dirt work that requires equal measures of grit and grace and a little bit of good luck.

Despite the immense challenges that they have been presented with this year, America’s farmers and ranchers have continued to work every day in order to provide America with the most affordable, abundant and safest food supply in the world.

American agriculture keeps our grocery store shelves stocked, even in the midst of crisis, and supports our rural economies. That’s why we are proud to support America’s farmers and ranchers and recognize their hard work.

We also observe that farmers and ranchers can not do it alone. Truck drivers make this nation turn, literally. Food processing workers take our raw products and turn them into consumable goods that every consumer needs. The manufacturing sector serves a vital role in supporting American agriculture with innovations and supplies that we need to run our farms and ranches. Our energy and electric infrastructure provide that power to get water to crops and livestock. So as you can see, virtually everyone is connected to the agriculture sector and bringing food to your table.

As you head into the holiday weekend which is intended to celebrate America’s labor force, give a moment of appreciation for our farmers and ranchers. We certainly will. Let this let Labor Day be an American celebration of all that serve a role in bringing food and fiber to the people of this country and around the world.

With out a doubt the men and women who work in auction markets provide a service and platform for the greatest transaction in America’s economy, the competitive bidding and price discovery of America’s livestock. Rain, snow, sleet, or blistering heat, the Hot Barn Report appreciates and salutes the auction markets that power this program! Stockmens Livestock, Lemmon Livestock, North Platte Stockyards, St. Onge/Newell, Platte Livestock Market, Tri County Stockyards, Torrington Livestock, Creighton Livestock Market, Bassett Livestock Auction, Mobridge Livestock, Ogallala Livestock Auction Market, and Presho Livestock. Catch them all on

Have a fun and safe holiday weekend! Throw some USA beef on the grill and hit with a shot of award winning Rick’s Salt! I won’t be cooking! You will find me at the Nebraska State Fair, celebrating the next generation of agriculture as they display their labor of love at the State FFA Livestock Shows!

Have a great weekend everyone from all of us at the Hot Barn Report!


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