HOT BARN REPORT: SPECIAL Thursday Edition with Karina Jones

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HOT BARN REPORT: SPECIAL Thursday Edition with Karina Jones

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It is official, we have just confirmed our 12th reporting barn for the big fall run. We now blanket the great Northern beef belt from Motely, Minnesota to Torrington, Wyoming.

BIG HEADLINES this week in the cattle industry folks! Welcome to this special Thursday edition of the Hot Barn Report.

We have a lot of breaking news from around the world that we better get to.

Straight from Bloomberg Law, “JBS SA, confirmed a report that the company bought nearly 9000 head of cattle directly from illegally deforested farms in the Amazon, saying it was a victim of fraud and admitting its employees were involved.” The rap sheet for these repeat offenders is pretty lengthy. JBS, along with other major meatpackers, reached a settlement with prosecutors in 2013 in which the companies agreed not to buy cattle from ranches that were blacklisted for environmental crimes, engaging in slave labor, occupying indigenous land and violating environmental preserves.

The agreement was initially celebrated for contributing to a marked fall in deforestation, but in recent years has drawn increasing criticism from environmentalists for lacking teeth. Although prosecutors have the power to fine companies for poor-compliance, they have so far chosen not to do so and preferred to work with meatpackers to improve their results. But, it seems to still be a slippery slope for this Brazilian company to operate above board.

In other news, as reported by Politico, “A class action suit alleges that some of the world’s largest meatpacking companies engaged in a far-reaching conspiracy to keep wages for beef and pork processing plant employees artificially low.

The 128-page complaint filed in federal court in Colorado names Cargill, Hormel, JBS and Tyson as defendants, arguing that the companies have conspired to “fix and depress” compensation to meatpacking workers “since at least 2014” at approximately 140 beef and pork processing plants. The named processors “produce approximately 80 percent” of beef and pork sold to consumers, according to the complaint.”

Just so we don’t forget, we have the same companies who control 85% of the beef industry procuring cattle in South America from ranches committing environmental crimes. These same 4 companies are caught in legal battles alleging wage fixing, and price fixing both coming from cattle producers and retailers. YET, some lawmakers still think it is worth a “compromise” when trying to create a fair and competitive market and that MCOOL is too much of an ask? I will never understand!

The only thing hotter than these headlines is the action happening at the “Diamond Dozen” Hot Barns that support the American cattle industry: Stockmens livestock, Lemmon livestock, North Platte Stockyards, St. Onge/Newell, Platte Livestock Market, Tri County Stockyards, Torrington Livestock, Creighton Livestock Market, Bassett Livestock Auction, Mobridge Livestock, Ogallala Livestock Auction Market, and Presho Livestock. Catch them all on

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