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Dakota Gold ProPellet is the latest product added to POET’s feed solutions. They take the traditional loose form Dakota Gold dried distillers grains and press it into a pellet form. This process ensures uniform particle size and decreased shrink loss, all while increasing feed efficiency. DakotaGold ProPellet is offered in two sizes: 1/’4″ pellet and 3/4″ cube, to provide better options for producers.

What’s the difference?

DakotaGold ProPellet is made up of 100% Dakota Gold DDGS, and therefore also boast the same nutritional benefits and consistency as that of Dakota Gold. In this new form, DakotaGold ProPellet can decrease your shrink up to 38% while still giving you the 32% increased digestibility for fat, fiber and protein. DakotaGold ProPellet uses no binders or additives and are a proven effective replacement for higher-priced proteins.

Location, location, location

DakotaGold ProPellet is produced locally at POET-MIT, the bioprocessing plant in Mitchell, South Dakota, right along I-90 and in the middle of cattle country. With this prime location, DakotaGold is able to offer ProPellets with no up front trucking costs. They also have a number of hoppers, live bottoms, paddle wagons and rail options to send DakotaGold ProPellet anywhere – locally or across the country.

If you’re interested in DakotaGold ProPellet, or would like more information, call Kade, Sonja or Carrie today at 844-735-5385!

Visit DakotaGold.com for more information

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