Ranch Raised

Ranch Raised – Episode 162

I want to thank MultiMin for riding alongside me during May as the exclusive Ranch Raised sponsor. As I told you a few weeks ago, we are loyal MultiMin users here on the Jones Ranch and have been for years. Please talk to your local vet about how MultiMin can benefit your herd or check out MultiMinUSA.com [READ MORE…]

Hot Barn Report

HOT BARN REPORT: R-CalfUSA Friday with Karina Jones

It is with genuine attention that we honor the service men and women who died while defending our country. They gave the ultimate sacrifice defending our freedoms. Throughout America there will be parades, Memorial services, and community gatherings. I know I am lucky to live in a place, in America, that is steeped in these rich traditions. [READ MORE…]

Ranch Raised

Ranch Raised – Episode 160

It is clear that beef is a favorite protein and meal staple, but cattle provide you SO much beyond that ground round and sirloin, that I bet you have never even considered. The other by-products of cattle are just as amazing as the red meat they produce. [READ MORE…]

Ranch Raised

Ranch Raised – Episode 158

The past few days I have witnessed something that totally fills my cup, kids working with livestock! My older girls took part in a sheep and goat show camp alongside some great kids and mentored by some pretty awesome young adults. Not only did they have a ton of fun, they learned a lot. Respect was demanded and the kids were fully present. [READ MORE…]