Remember the acronym COOL, Country of Origin Labeling

We are very fortunate to have our affiliates up and down the dial literally blasting a path from Carthage, Illinois to Sundance, Wyoming and from McCook, Nebraska to Hettinger, North Dakota and blanketing 5 of the top 6 cow calf counties on planet earth. Those my friend being Mead County in South Dakota with 80,000 head at number 6, Lincoln County Nebraska ranks 4th averaging 31 cows per square mile, Custer County Nebraska rolls 3rd with 95,000 head of beef cows, number 2 Holt County Nebraska; kind of surprised us with 37 head per square mile and Cherry County in the Sandhills of Nebraska, taking top honors with 148,000 head. We’re proud to have 3 stations blasting into Cherry county. I grew up on a ranch between Holt and Cherry County Nebraska and will promise you, cows are the lifeline of these communities and provide the very best beef on planet earth to America and indeed, beef aficionados worldwide.

Recently American ranches and feedlot owners have been under attack by the big 4 packers that manipulate cattle futures prices on the board of trade. Right now, the American beef producers are facing a 2-billion-dollar beef deficit with beef being imported form countries like Brazil – famous for tainted and spoiled beef, New Zealand, Australia and even Africa. Trust me folks you do not want your burger mix coming out of Africa, pun intended. The casual listener can do their part by calling your congressional leadership and insist on country of origin labeling. Remember the acronym COOL, Country of Origin Labeling. Because right now the beef is shipped in cheap and of poor quality, processed by the afore mentioned big 4 packing plants, Cargill, JBS, Tyson Foods and National beef. Then misleadingly labeled product of the USA, simply because it was processed here. Keep the beef we feed to our families safe and domestic and support our ranchers and feedlots.

There’s a lot of good information on how you can help and protect our beef supply at R-Calf USA ( or on Facebook. They are taking the lead in fighting the monopoly enjoyed by the big packers and urging Congress and the President to support the American beef industry and price discovery through sale barns in small towns across America, the livelihood of many communities.

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Monte James for the one and only Hot Barn Report saying insist on American raised beef, how about a nice rib-eye tonight folks!