Ranch Raised with Karina Jones – It’s another episode where we get to celebrate American agriculture!

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Ranch Raised with Karina Jones - It’s another episode where we get to celebrate American agriculture!

Karina Jones is a real-life ranch wife in the Nebraska Sandhills and one of the most highly sought-after speakers in the cattle industry nationwide!

It’s another episode where we get to celebrate American agriculture! So thanks for joining me today for Fun, Fact Friday!

September is National Rice Month!

Rice, along with wheat and maize (corn), is one of the three staple global crops. Together, these three cereal grains supply more than 40% of all calories consumed by humans.

Four regions produce almost the entire U.S. rice crop:
• Arkansas Grand Prairie;
• Mississippi Delta, (parts of Arkansas, Mississippi, Missouri, and Louisiana);
• Gulf Coast (Texas and Southwest Louisiana); and
• Sacramento Valley of California.

Each of these regions normally specializes in a specific type of rice, referred to in the United States by length of grain—long, medium, and short. U.S. long-grain varieties typically cook dry and separate, while U.S. medium- and short-grain varieties are typically moist and clingy or sticky. In general, long-grain production accounts for around 75 percent of U.S. rice production, medium-grain production for about 24 percent, and short-grain for the remainder.

All U.S. rice is produced in irrigated fields, achieving some of the highest yields in the world. Rice producers in the United States can seed aerially in flooded fields, or they can drill or broadcast (scatter) seed into dry fields.

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Karina ranches with her husband, Marty, and 4 children near Broken Bow, NE. She grew up in western NE, with roots also in southwest SD. The cattle industry and raising kids is her passion.

Watching the cattle industry go the path that it has gone, she could no longer sit quietly at home checking cows, fixing fence, and doing all the everyday tasks wondering when some else was going to make it all better. As she became more active and outspoken on industry issues, she was asked to join the R-CALF USA staff in September 2020 as the Checkoff Petition Campaign manager. That position transcended into her current role as full time Field Director for R-CALF USA.

You can hear her almost every Friday on Your Ag Network’s Hot Barn Report, where she deep dives into cattle industry issues and industry reforms. Listen to Ranch Raised on a Your Ag Network hometown station or www.youragnetwork.com where she talks about her daily life on the Jones Ranch.

Cattle producers are her people. She will meet you at the county fair, at the sale barn, or anywhere the dusty trail leads.
karina@youragnetwork.com or visit facebook.com/ranchraisedwithkarinajones

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