HOT BARN REPORT: R-Calf USA Friday with Karina Jones

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Welcome to the Friday edition of the HOT BARN REPORT
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Karina Jones, Field Director for R-Calf USA joins us each Friday from her ranch in the heart of Nebraska covering what’s new and important to the family farm and ranch.


WOW! What a week! This week has given me more hope in the future of the American Cattle Industry than I have had in a long time!

Last week the White House and the Secretary of Agriculture held an historic and unprecedented White House briefing. The briefing was titled: “Addressing Concentration in the Meat-Processing Industry to Lower Food Prices for American Families”.

When, if ever, has there been an acknowledgement by the White House and the Department of Agriculture stating that meat packer concentration was a serious problem?

The briefing actually accused the big packers of “pandemic profiteering”.

There was a laundry list of actions laid out by the Secretary of Ag and the White House, of which we need to hold their feet to the fire!

Then Senators Tester, Thune, Rounds and Booker introduced the bi-partisan American Beef Labeling Act S. 2716. The M-COOL bill will restore competition for beef at the grocery store as it will empower consumers to create demand for USA cattle. For more details check out the interview with Senator Thune. DYNAMITE!

But you wanna know what the big BLAST is out of cattle industry news? This week the Federal District Court for the District of Minnesota issued an order substantially denying the motion by the nation’s Big 4 beef packers to dismiss the class-action antitrust lawsuit R-CALF USA filed clear back in April 2019.

As a result of THIS WEEKS order STATED THAT our cattle antitrust case will now proceed to discovery, which is where we begin testing our antitrust claims.

FEEL THAT??? THAT IS THE WINDS OF CHANGE! And I could tell by the hundreds of cattle producers that I met at Husker Harvest Days that came through our R-CALF booths at the Sioux Steel Building and the Larson Metal Building that they supported all of this good news. Don’t let the smoke show coming out of certain outlets detour you from having some hope in these powerful reforms! Every single person I talked to at Husker Harvest Days is emphatically in favor of labeling our beef and getting our cattle industry back on track!

Tune in to today and check out the offering at Crawford Livestock Market. But, I have to tell you how excited I am to make my maiden voyage to Platte Livestock Market for their BBQ sale and special R-CALF calf sale fundraiser on Wednesday the 22nd. Check out all the details on the R-CALF website and social media platforms. I will see you there!


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