HOT BARN REPORT: Friday with Host Karina Jones – It’s the weekend so many of have waiting for!

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Your Ag Network
HOT BARN REPORT: Friday with Host Karina Jones - It’s the weekend so many of have waiting for!

THEE Hot Barn Report!

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Welcome to America’s Hot Barn Report now heard coast to coast and border to border

It is official, we have just confirmed our 12th reporting barn for the big fall run. We now blanket the great Northern beef belt from Motely, Minnesota to Torrington, Wyoming.

The Hot Barn Report is a fast paced and entertaining daily program covering the latest news and trends in the cattle industry, hosted by Monte James, a veteran rodeo announcer, radio host and industry expert! The Hot Barn Report features interviews with industry leaders, market analysts, producers and ranchers and features True Price Discovery from salebarns in Great Northern Beef Belt and across the nation.

It’s the weekend so many of have waiting for and I am here to dive into drama, right here on this special Friday edition of the Hot Barn Report!

I admit, we don’t have cable TV. It was one of the many household budget cuts we had to make on the Jones Ranch years ago, which makes what I am going to talk about today so ironic. I have caught snippets on interweb that this weekend is the season premiere of the TV series that has this country falling cowboy hat over cowboy boots, see what I did there, swooning over cowboys and love story lines and family drama all set on a beautiful Montana backdrop.

I mean I am a REAL rancher and even I am swooning. Like, the Dutton Ranch has a chef to cook all the meals, I mean except when Beth whips up some hamburger helper. There is clearly a house staff that sweeps those hardwood floors and does all that dusting. There isn’t even a piece of mail on the table! Where the heck do they put the mail? Don’t they have bills, newspapers, and credit card offers?

The thought has ran through my mind that this Yellowstone dystopia has created a false sense of not just the American west but really the ranching industry. Just so you know, it is not commonplace in my neighborhood for anyone to be driving around in $90,000 dually pick-ups with their ranch brand on the side as their daily driver. How about your “hood”?

While some will argue that the Yellowstone series has created a link for urban populations to have a window into our way of life, I stand beside the FACT that what TV has created is so far out of touch with what the men and women who produce cattle in our country actually experience.

I can promise you, my biggest challenge on the Jones Ranch is NOT fearing when the next shoot out will be around me. Our biggest challenges in production agriculture look like fuel bills and property taxes. I’m more scared of these interest rates than I am of someone blowing up my pickup truck.

And here is the plot twist, the challenges and fears that real American ranchers face can’t be solved by Hollywood or John Dutton. Infact, at this point, I don’t know who can solve them. We are a nation crumbling under corruption. The American west is the last frontier of independence and it’s almost like Hollywood wants to exploit that, at our own expense.

Maybe if as American’s we can keep our focus on the independence we value and the freedom that many fought for, maybe we can preserve what we have and even take back some of what we have lost. It will take strong Americans to rebuild a strong America, and that goes for rural America. But, I have faith that rural America is where the strong American’s are. Anyway, I take a day in rural America over Hollywood any day even if it doesn’t come with a housekeeper or dually truck!

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Have a great weekend everyone from all of us at the Hot Barn Report!


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