HOT BARN REPORT: The cattle industry touches your life everyday whether you realize it or not! – Special Friday Edition with Karina Jones

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HOT BARN REPORT: The cattle industry touches your life everyday whether you realize it or not! - Special Friday Edition with Karina Jones

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It is official, we have just confirmed our 12th reporting barn for the big fall run. We now blanket the great Northern beef belt from Motely, Minnesota to Torrington, Wyoming.

Welcome to this special Friday Edition of the Hot Barn Report and a wrap up to National Ag Week.

According to the USDA, “Cattle production is the most important agricultural industry in the United States, consistently accounting for the largest share of total cash receipts for agricultural commodities. In 2022, cattle production was forecasted to represent about 17 percent of the $462 billion in total cash receipts for agricultural commodities. With rich agricultural land resources, the United States has developed a beef industry that is largely separate from its dairy sector. The U.S. beef industry is unique when compared with countries like India that produce beef from water buffalo, which are used as dual-purpose animals. In addition to having the world’s largest fed-cattle industry, the United States is also the world’s largest consumer of beef—primarily high-value, grain-fed beef.”

As the largest single sector in agriculture, the beef industry fuels the U.S. economy by providing raw materials that support the production of finished products in various economic sectors, including food, pharmaceuticals, retail, health Care, automotive, and household products.

The cattle industry touches your life everyday whether you realize it or not! Are you sitting in a leather seat in your vehicle right now? On I learned that from 1 cow hide you can get 12 basketballs OR 144 baseballs.

Did you know that gelatin, what Jello is made from, comes from the connective tissues of the beef animal. Gelatin is also found in gum, fruit snacks like gummy bears, and marshmallows.
I could go on and on about not only the nutrition cattle provide us but also all the by-products derived from their harvest that affect us every day.

Our nation’s cowherd is at a 60-year inventory low, so we have more to lose than access to sirloins. We are going to be in a whole heap of trouble if they have to throw out a whiffle ball at the college world series and little league games. Besides feeding you, cattle provide so many products that make your life better, but you probably won’t notice until supply chains are affected, and we have to continue to grow out reliance on foreign beef and by products. It could happen, folks. So, let’s all remind Washington DC that this was National Ag Week, not International. Let’s remind them you stand for American agriculture, and they should too. Let’s make this Farm Bill year the time that they fight for America’s farmers and ranchers in every business transaction they make instead of making our domestic ag industries pawns on the global agenda.

These Diamond Dozen Hot Barns know how import the cattle industry is so let’s give them a shout out: Stockmens Livestock, Lemmon Livestock, North Platte Stockyards, St. Onge/Newell, Platte Livestock Market, Tri County Stockyards, Torrington Livestock, Creighton Livestock Market, Bassett Livestock Auction, Mobridge Livestock, Ogallala Livestock Auction Market, and Presho Livestock. Catch them all on


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