From Washington with John Block

From Washington with John Block: Challenges

The corn and soybeans on my farm are growing tall and beautiful. And also important to note, without weeds. Today we use, and have for years, Roundup weed killer, a Bayer Ag product. The most important ingredient in Roundup is glyphosate, and it is the most widely used herbicide in the world in growing corn, soybeans, and cotton. [READ MORE…]

Ranch Raised

Ranch Raised – Episode 185

As I rode into that lake to grab a rope hanging off the bull or get him to dry ground, I realized I now had water over my saddle horn. I thought to myself, I shouldn’t be getting this deep on my big, bay gelding, Wrangler. Then I could feel my horse shifting underneath me and I knew I had to quickly kick free and swim away from my horse because he decided to take full advantage of the cool deep water and submerge himself and roll. [READ MORE…]