Ranch Raised

Ranch Raised – Episode 165

Spring brings lots of cool season veggies, but around our place it also brings more eggs! My little motley crew barnyard flock really kicks it in to gear laying eggs as they are out foraging and enjoying the creepy crawlies and greenery this time of year. [READ MORE…]

Hot Barn Report

HOT BARN REPORT: R-CalfUSA Friday with Karina Jones

The U.S. Department of Agriculture made a really, really big announcement this week. The USDA has announced details of a framework to transform the food system to benefit consumers, producers and rural communities by providing more options, increasing access, and creating new, more, and better markets for small and mid-size producers. [READ MORE…]

From Washington with John Block

From Washington with John Block: Tough Times

Just last Monday we celebrated Memorial Day honoring our fighting men and women that have given their lives to protect our country and keep us safe. Then the deadly school shooting in Uvalde, Texas was hanging over us. I don’t have the words to express the level of sadness as they bury those children and two teachers. They are all in our prayers. [READ MORE…]

Ranch Raised

Ranch Raised – Episode 164

I’m just going to be quite honest today and admit that I do not have all of my garden planted. Infact, I really only have my cool season crops in. We are in for another mild week of temps here, so I planted my second round of radishes and beets yesterday. [READ MORE…]