From Washington with John Block

From Washington with John Block: Bird Flu & More

I’m going to cover some different issues today. As we all know the war in Ukraine dominates all the news. But if you were in the poultry industry, you would be very concerned about bird flu. Bird flu is deadly, and you don’t want it on your chicken farm. A Fulton County flock of 240,000 chickens had to be destroyed. Seven million chickens and turkeys in 13 states have been killed this year. Disposal of the infected flock is the only way to stop the spread. [READ MORE…]

Ranch Raised

Ranch Raised – Episode 113

You will just have to take my word for what I describe because it’s not like I’m every going to pour you a cup of coffee and say, “Hey, let’s go back to the laundry room and chat.” There are things you can not unsee in that room. [READ MORE…]

Ranch Raised

Ranch Raised – Episode 112

Everything on social media today is telling me that it is National Ag Day and that we are in the middle of National Ag Week. So let’s dive in and really take a look at what that looks like on the Jones Ranch. It is not as romantic as what magazines, social media and TV shows might portray. [READ MORE…]

Ranch Raised

Ranch Raised – Episode 111

Spring is so busy on the outside of our home, that very little attention is given to domestic chores on the inside of the home. This week, I will give you an audio tour of my home and paint a picture with my words that may make you shutter in horror or if you are my people, you will probably nod your head in acceptance and say, “that sounds familiar.” [READ MORE…]