From Washington with John Block

A weekly conservative commentary from former Secretary of Agriculture under Ronald Reagan. A listener favorite as Mr. Block delves into issues important to American agriculture each week.

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R-Calf USA Friday with Karina Jones

Look around your area and remind yourself of the communities around you and their history. Almost every where I look on a map of America’s heartland, you can trace almost every communities existence to the cattle industry. […]

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Executive Orders

Last week President Biden signed a broad Executive Order designed to ensure that we have more competitive markets. We have too many huge corporations. They keep buying up their competitors and just get bigger. Smaller companies compete at a disadvantage. Biden says, “Capitalism without competition isn’t capitalism. It’s exploitation.” Antitrust enforcement has been a priority of the President’s agenda. The use of Executive Orders to get something done is not new. For 20 years our presidents – both parties – have used Executive Orders. President Trump was criticized for making too many Executive Orders. […]

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This and That

The cost of living keeps going up. Food costs 5% more, but what about fuel? I was on the farm in Illinois this past weekend. We rented a car in Chicago and had to pay well over $4 per gallon. It’s not quite that expensive in Washington, DC. In the farm country, it cost $3.25 per gallon. It is likely to keep going up. OPEC, made up of big oil-producing nations, in a surprise move just decided not to increase production. Energy costs on our farms have already exploded. There is more to come. […]

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It is exciting to see our planting season go smoothly so far. Our corn and soybeans are three-fourths planted and starting to come up. That is something that we can control, but the federal government is a different story. President Biden has announced that he wants to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by the year 2030. And Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack says, “biofuels are a key piece of the plan.” Thank you, Mr. Secretary. […]

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