From Washington with John Block

A weekly conservative commentary from former Secretary of Agriculture under Ronald Reagan. A listener favorite as Mr. Block delves into issues important to American agriculture each week.

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News of the day

President Biden surrenders to the Taliban. The war in Afghanistan is officially over. After 20 years of conflict and more than 2400 American lives lost and 20,000 of our service members wounded, and now the Taliban rules Afghanistan. I wanted us to get out. But not like we did. […]

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This and That

I’m going to target a number of timely issues today. But the one in the headlines is the almost overnight collapse of the Afghan government. In the last 2 or 3 weeks the Taliban has taken control of the whole country. It is absolute chaos. I have for years hoped we could get out of Afghanistan. But not like this. After fighting a war for 20 years and spending more than $1 trillion, we have nothing. Think about our own fighters that died and their families. The Biden administration did not have a departure plan. It is humiliating. The whole world is watching. […]

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Death Tax

We read and hear about a $3.5 trillion anti-poverty and climate bill the Democratic leadership wants to pass. But we can’t afford to spend that much money. They say, “no problem. We can just tax the rich.” […]

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The Summer Heat

We have had a lot of hot days this summer. Heat can be even worse when it is accompanied by drought. Look at California – 95% of that state is in severe drought. Even here in the Midwest, North Dakota has 93% of the state under severe drought. […]

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