Harvest yield reports from across our 8 state coverage area; from Newcastle WY to Carthage IL.

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October 7th, 2020
Barb from Lexington, NE – Reports they have harvested all 150 acres of their beans, all irrigated, 75-80 bu/acre which is good for them. Corn is still too wet, have 1,110 acres but got hailed in three spots.

Dick from Battle Creek, NE – Has harvested 500 acres of beans, 120 acres yet to go. 20bu/acre dryland and 70 irrigated. Dryland is below average. He has not done any corn of his. Did 150 acres of custom dryland corn that averaged 145 bu/acre.

Casey from Meadow Grove, NE – Has harvested all 450 acres of their beans. 54 bu/acre dryland and 64 bu/acre irrigated, both just below average. Corn is still too wet.